Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chilly day

Today seems like a cold cloudy morbid winter day. But I'm not really morbid.
I watched Henry Rollins talks this morning and it's really inspirational and I can take away a lot from it. Mostly because of his energy and stage presence, but more personally because he thinks like me. Not that we have many interests in common, or live on the same extroverted level, but or way of thinking is the same.

I also have insatiable curiosity and love trying out new things or learning something new every day! I also feel that I simply have to conquer things I don't know. Any book I haven't read, any language I don't understand, any skill or sport or instrument that leaves me dumb-founded simply has to be grasped. But Once I start, it doesn't take long for the next thing to compulsively draw my attention and absorbs my world.

So in some sense I probably also function with adult ADHD, but manage to hold down a normal engineering job and perform pretty well. Granted, I do all kinds of fun things at work to keep it exciting. From little side social experiments to placing cues and obstructions in my own way to solve on a time deadline. I would procrastinate all the time, to make my work interesting, and a living hell.

But here I am, blogging, pretending I can write, for the hell of it. The inspiration drives me to do this and I know I will probably get over this in one or two days, but that's okay. I have made peace with all of this, with who I am, with how my mind works, with what I can and can't do.

And.. its run out. Get back to it soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A July day

The faint rays of good times are starting to break the clouds. Three possible jobs in the city and all round change of the tide. Feels like a change of the guard and good time to make a run for it.

The feeling even inspired me to write something down. Why not. Even if its bad, it wont kill anyone. Okay, to be honest the JK Rowling autobio movie inspired me a little. But I've always considered writing to be healthy. Even bad writing can be good for you, if it's yours.

I still harbour the secret internal ambition that I could deliver good writing. Maybe even great writing if I tried really hard. Not for fame, or any reward other than a job well done. Other than the creative relief of giving birth to something special.

But let's not drown it just yet. Let's give it room to breathe. Room to spread wings. And space to fly.